Almost 50% of the Maremma landscape is included in protected areas and natural reserves. Wildlife enthusiasts can see wild boars, deer, pheasants, hedgehogs, porcupines, the large and rare crested cuckoo and sea jay. In the Monte Labbro Nature Reserve (page 194) it is possible to see the beautiful Apennine wolves and even the poisonous vipers. Along the coast there are not rare birds of prey such as osprey and peregrine falcon, while the Orbetello lagoon is home to the flamingo and the American heron.
As for the flora, there is much more in Maremma than olive groves and vineyards. Sea fennel grows on the coast and wild asparagus in the hinterland, along with heather, myrtle and cork. In autumn it is possible to collect porcini mushrooms, ovoli and chestnuts among the beeches, silver firs, oaks, orchids and wild daffodils. In the natural reserves of Mount Amiata it is possible to see monumental trees over 15 meters high, in ancient forests that have existed for hundreds of years.