Guided tours of villages and cities

Each village in the Maremma is unique in its kind, and offers ideas for an unforgettable visit.

Beyond the beauty, there are secrets, stories and legends and, almost always, one or two secrets to discover. There are ancient monuments marked by fantastic tales, and battlefields that have changed the course of history.

The Maremma has had many rulers, and today its villages tell an ancient story. It is easy to relive the past by observing the ruins of a Roman or Etruscan construction, remaining fascinated by the antiquity and the beauty of these places.

in a nutshell, when you know the history of this region, you will love it even more, and it is precisely for this reason that choosing a guided tour is the ideal opportunity to experience the Maremma.

Many of the guided tours in Maremma are organized by local guides who are not only experts, but also deeply passionate about the history and traditions of their beloved territory.

It is possible to organize a tour even for a single city of the Maremma, or book an itinerant tour with stops in various villages and towns and perhaps some ancient Etruscan and Roman settlements. It is not necessary to be a history buff to take part in these tours because they also include tastings of typical products, stops in the characteristic craft shops and the most important tourist attractions.

Almost all tours, free or paid, are organized by the tourist agencies of the Maremma, ask for more information at the nearest info point.

In any case, below you will find two of the most important agencies that offer this type of services: