bianco-di-pitigliano-undiwineBianco di Pitigliano

The Bianco di Pitigliano is a recent DOC – white wine – produced in Pitigliano and in the nearby municipalities of Manciano, Scansano and Sorano.

The wine :

This wine is particular and unique, because it is the result of centuries and centuries of history. The wine barrels in Pitigliano were obtained directly inside the tufaceous rock.


The white of Pitigliano DOC is obtained with grapes of the Trebbiano Toscano variety, minimum 50% and other white berried varieties recognized by the disciplinary.

view: yellow with slight green reflections

smell: delicate and with slightly fruity scents

taste: on the palate it is dry, lively and with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Minimum alcohol content 11 °.

pairings: perfect as an accompaniment to appetizers and fish dishes.


The Bianco Superiore is obtained with the same grapes as the Bianco.

view: yellow with green reflections

smell: soft and delicate

taste . dry, lively with a slight bitter aftertaste but well balanced and light. Minimum alcohol content 12 °.

pairings: ideal with appetizers and fish-based dishes


Sparkling wine is produced with the same wines as Bianco and Bianco Superiore:

view: straw yellow with greenish reflections

smell: soft

taste: dry and slightly bitter on the finish. Minimum alcohol content 11.5 °

pairings: ideal with fish dishes. But also fried foods and cheeses.