Maremma, like all of Tuscany, is renowned for its incredible wines.

Year after year, its fertile soils, cool climate and centuries of tradition have allowed the production of full-bodied reds and aromatic whites, which have quickly become famous all over the world.

In Maremma wines are produced that reflect the most authentic aspect of this land, representing its beauty, passion and genuineness.

It was the Etruscans who introduced the cultivation of vines in Maremma, influenced by the Greek culture, thus giving way to the Tuscan winemaking tradition, today a producer of excellent wines appreciated internationally.

The Maremma reds are unforgettable, important and with an intense flavor, ideal with excellent local meats, the whites are elegant, delicate and an excellent accompaniment to fish and shellfish dishes.

To celebrate this extraordinary product, iconographic of a region so rich in products, every year in Maremma, festivals and events related to wine are organized, a moment of sharing and discovering the excellent local productions, events that are often linked to ancient peasant traditions, and always accompanied by great food and music.

Moreover, the wine roads of Tuscany are itineraries that cross the different production areas, leading to the discovery of wineries, traditional wines and the most beautiful villages.


Magliano in Toscana