Italy is the home of good food, and Maremma is certainly no exception, with its simple and genuine ingredients, authentic flavors and traditional dishes.

The main feature of Maremma cuisine is that it is totally different from that of Pisa or Florence. The ingredients are often the same, deeply linked to the territory and tradition, but the flavors are different, simpler and at the same time unique and unforgettable.

Strictly sweet at breakfast, preferably filled with jam or delicious custard, and a good espresso. At lunch you cannot miss a succulent plate of pasta with meat sauce. But it is at dinner that the Maremma people give their best, perhaps with a slice of good cheese, cured ham and the inevitable unsalted bread, ie without salt, toasted.

In most cases, the food consumed in Maremma homes comes directly from their own crops and farms, or from those of the neighbors. In fact, in Maremma, deep contact with the countryside is one of the oldest and most deeply rooted traditions.

Each village also has its favorite dishes: in Manciano acquacotta – an excellent vegetable soup to which an egg and slices of toast are added only at the end, – and the famous ciaffagnoni – forerunners of the most famous crepes -. In Pitigliano a good dish of stewed wild boar while in the Argentario you cannot miss the traditional loaves – sweet biscuits made with dried fruit and liqueur -.

Every self-respecting Maremma woman jealously guards her secrets in the kitchen, often handed down from generation to generation: how to make homemade pasta, the dough and the cooking of ciaffagnoni … But you will always find every family willing to welcome you to their table and share their food with you. Maremmans are like that, perhaps a little gruff in appearance but with a big heart! Every season at their table is full of traditional ingredients and dishes, here we follow the seasonality and the natural production of the soil, the ingredients are genuine and the recipes simple but with an intense taste. What is sure is that you will never get up hungry from a Maremma table.

And not even thirsty to tell the truth. The Maremma is in fact a territory that in just a few years has made its way among the largest wine producers. It boasts a past deeply linked to this sector, in fact the Etruscans already produced wine on these lands. Today Maremma wines are celebrated all over the world for their quality and genuineness. Maremma is the land of production of Morellino di Scansano DOCG, Bianco di Pitigliano DOC and Capalbio DOC.

You cannot say that you have experienced the Maremma without having tried its cuisine and its wonderful wines. Food and wine are two fundamental elements in the daily life of every Maremma, a sort of expression of his personality and his cultural heritage.

Where to eat

Italians are true masters of good food, you are spoiled for choice: restaurants, trattorias, taverns, pizzerias. Find out more

Where to eat

Italians are true masters of good food, you are spoiled for choice: restaurants, trattorias, taverns, pizzerias. Find out more


The reds of Maremma are simply unforgettable, perfect in combination with many traditional dishes, especially meat. The whites are delicate and fresh, ideal as an accompaniment to tasty fish dishes and sweet delicacies.

Cooking courses

Test yourself and prepare some of the tastiest traditional Maremma dishes, under the careful guidance of expert chefs in local cuisine or Michelin-starred chefs.

Wine Routes

Buy the best wines, extra virgin olive oil, meats and cheeses directly from the producers and discover the most authentic flavors of this splendid territory.


We have selected for you the best traditional recipes of the Tuscan Maremma. We will be happy to receive your advice and know your impressions!