Monte Amiata is actually not a mountain at all, but rather an ancient and now inactive volcano that hosted the first civilizations of the Maremma since the times of bronze and iron. It is the highest mountainous area of the Tuscan Maremma located at 1738 meters between Siena and Grosseto. And while its rich mineral deposits and fertile lands have been cultivated for centuries, its beauty has remained completely intact.
The affinity that modern Maremmans have with Monte Amiata is infinite. It represents, passionately and completely, the true environmental splendor of the territory as a whole. The base of its slopes are fields of green and wild flowers in the summer and full of rust and golden leaves in the fall. In the winter their tall fir trees are covered in a light dusting of snow, while in the spring the snow melts, the wildflowers return and the cycle starts all over again.
But the mountain area offers much more to the Maremmans than a beautiful and infinitely peaceful setting. Its dense forests are perfect for walking and, at certain times of the year, they are particularly suitable for sport hunting. Its slopes are transformed into a skier’s dream during the winter and its numerous protected reserves and natural parks preserve the splendid flora and fauna that make this territory so unique.
Its entire landscape has also provided anyone willing to look at a bounty of chestnuts and porcini mushrooms, so delicious that it has achieved PGI status – a title reserved only for the best products grown in Italy.
And yet the mountain continues to give through the cities that sit at its feet and the history and traditions it has cultivated. These cities are not as old as the mountain, but each is more beautiful than the previous one and each is simply full of churches, monuments, castles, large palaces and museums. Not to mention their local recipes and delicious dishes.

Monte Amiata has, is and always will be the rugged heart of the Maremma. Home to the most ancient roots and traditions of the area, as well as to its purest natural beauty.